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A Healthy
Pain-Free Life
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Welcome to a brand new approach to therapy that takes into account all body systems for complete healing and wellness. 

Welcome to Total Body Therapy

Meet Dr. Kristen

Occupational Therapist

Hello friends! I'm Kristen Galloway, an occupational therapist with a PASSION for helping people live healthy, happy lives. I have worked with clients throughout the lifespan in outpatient rehabilitation, hospital settings, home health, and skilled nursing rehabilitation. Through my experiences in corporate healthcare, I saw a need to serve people in a more holistic and comprehensive way. Too often our healthcare system focuses on treating isolated symptoms without ever digging deep enough to find the cause.  So FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT was created. I offer one-on-one evaluation and treatment that takes into account all body systems to address the root cause of pain, dysfunction, or limitation. If you suffer with daily pain, limited mobility, or chronic disease, I can help - even if you have tried occupational or physical therapy in the past with limited results! 


Therapy Encompasses

Physical Symptoms

Stress Management

Nutrition, Hydration, and Sleep

Therapeutic Movement

Support and Resources

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

Take the first step today toward a place of health, strength, and joy in the life you love.

Kristen is so easy to talk to! She immediately makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. After only a few weeks I am leak-free and loving life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


- A. H.

Kristen, you listened when no one else did. I am feeling stronger and I am pain-free! I just wish I knew about you sooner.


- K. S.

Thank you for helping me get my life back! I was afraid I would have to live in fear of falling forever, but I am already making progress after a few short weeks.

- J. T.